WordPress is Out – DotNetNuke is In


DNN Formerly DotNetNuke Blows
WordPress Out of the Water

I recently landed a job at a web dev firm that uses DotNetNuke (recently renamed DNN) for the content management systems web sites they build. I have to say I am really impressed with DNN. I have been working there a month and I am going through the usual learning curve, but I have to say, WOW, DNN blows WordPress away.

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I have built WordPress themes from scratch. This site is an example of one I built from scratch. Overall, building WordPress themes from scratch is complicated. It took me a long time to figure it out. DNN on the other hand uses skins and containers all built on BootStrap. It took me a few short hours to develop my first skin and set of containers. I have it on my localhost so I am not able to show it, but it sure was easy to make. I have to give credit to the Lynda.com course I took a while back “Up and Running with Bootstrap 3” really helped when creating the skins.

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The crux of what makes DNN so amazing is its container capabilities on the pages to drag and drop modules into them, to manage content on pages. You have to just try it to understand how amazing this is.

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Whereas WordPress uses plugins to extend the functionality, DNN uses modules. There are many modules both free and pay to do just about anything you can imagine. Blogs, document management, and community are a few free ones I can think of. Just drag the module into a container on the page and you have an instant blog or whatever.

DNN has a very active community and discussion forums and github. There are two versions of DNN. The DNN Community version of the platform is open source therefore free to get your own copy. http://dnnsoftware.com There is a paid version called EVOQ as well. I don’t know much about that one.

The one drawback is DNN is restricted to windows servers because it is built on c# and uses .ascx pages instead of html. So hosting generally isn’t as cheap as you can find in the Linux world. (Pages can be built in html and DNN will convert them over to .ascx automatically. However, I just build in .ascx now instead using Visual Studio Express 2013 for Web.)

In truth WordPress and DNN can’t be compared, because DNN is so much better and so much different imho. It’s worth a look.

For the time being I will continue to freelance building WordPress sites, but try to convince clients that DNN is the way to go.


WordPress is Out – DotNetNuke is In

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  • Schuyler Ankele

    Hey Skeeter, what version of DNN are you using?

    I have a site running 7.01 and I hate it. I actually found your post looking for a DNN to WordPress conversion. I do like some of the features but some simple functions like JS in posts are difficult to enable through IIS.

    Just curious if I should stick with it if I can manage the upgrade (I think the current is 7.3). I’ve had so many issues with the DNN platform I’m scared to upgrade it which is not automated unless you buy a module. Having said that I can definitely see where it would be better graphically. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.


    • skeeter

      I guess it is a matter of personal choice. Having worked with WordPress for years, when I landed a job building sites on DNN, the difference was like night and day. For me DNN is way easier to work with and is more of a real CMS than WordPress. I’m about to upgrade a couple client sites to 7.3. I currently use 7.0 and 7.2. There are videos at dnnsoftware that will show you how to upgrade DNN. Click on the community tab to find them.

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