Is Your Website Costing You Customers
to Your Physical Store?

I had a conversation with the owner of a business the other day and naturally I pitched a website to him. He said he had one but he hasn’t ever sold anything from it. I asked if he built his website himself. He said yes, he used Godaddy’s site builder. I asked if it looked professional. He said no.

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This is something I have heard over and over. Small business owners who generally are not too savvy about all things Internet, build sites with cookie cutters, and wonder why they do not get any business. These business owners may have a bigger problem than the fact they are not selling anything from their website. Their unprofessional website may actually be keeping potential customers from going to their brick-and-mortar store.

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First Impressions Count

First impressions count. First impressions mean everything. This day and age, people are going to the Internet to check out local business websites prior to going to the actual store. They want to know stuff before they get in the car to make the trip to the store. Usually they are looking for types of products or services sold, contact information, some information about the company and so forth and so on. A poorly designed website may have all of that information, but if the site looks unprofessional, they will leave and not give the business a second thought.

Business owners need to realize that their Internet presence is required this day and age. Not only is their Internet presence required, it is also the first impression that many potential customers get. Let me say that again;  A business website is often the first impression a potential custom gets about the business.

So the question begs, what is the first impression your business is giving online? Is your website actually costing you customers?

Something to think about…

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Is your website keeping people out of your physical store?

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