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How to Create a Sexy Silhouette in Photoshop

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Sexy Silhouette in Photoshop

I made this silhouette today using a photo of a scantily clad female, and Photoshop’s pen tool and paths. I must admit, I gave her a boob job.

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This is an excellent pen tool exercise.

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  • I set the photo as a background
  • Used my quick selection tool to select the object.
  • Created a work-flow path in the paths panel (window>paths)
  • Selection does not have to be perfect because the pen tool can fix the selection
  • Used the pen to, added and subtracted anchor points, relocated some, and used the selection points to make curves and get my selection the way I wanted it
  • Once I had my selection the way I wanted I, ctrl > clicked (cmd >click for MACS) my work flow layer in the paths panel. This gives the marching ants selection
  • I then created a new layer in the layers panel and you see the marching ants selection. If you can’t see them, turn off the background image
  • Then I filled the selection with black
  • Then created another layer stacked under my black fill selection layer, filled it white
  • Then made a gradient mask layer and inserted in between the black selection fill layer and the white fill layer

and you see the results
sexy girl in a bikini made with Photoshop CS6

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