My New Custom WordPress Theme _S for this Site

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Custom WordPress Theme Development

************OUTDATED! I’ve completely rebuilt this site.*************

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I finally got around to creating a custom theme from scratch for my site. Previously, I was using TwentyTwelve with a custom child theme I created. For this site, I started from scratch and wrote my own css including custom @media queries for the responsive display.

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For my base, sometimes called blank slate theme, or naked theme, I use _S aka _S theme is literally a starter theme. It has very little styling. It contains all the template files needed for a WordPress theme to function such as archives.php, pages.php, functions PHP and more. It does have some responsive stuff in it such as a responsive menu (which I didn’t use) and widths are set to 100% in the very minimal style. CSS that comes with it. _S is free and created by Automatic, the same guys who built WordPress.

_S is not intended to be used for a WordPress website without hacking the mess out of it. If used out of the box it looks like this without the content I added.

underscores has everything needed to build a custom theme on. It was a challenge, a learning curve building this theme on it. It was enjoyable as well.

For a really good custom WordPress theme development course go to, check out this one.

Premium WooCommerce Extensions, WordPress Plugins & Themes Only $10 or Free with Membership

It would be nice if there was a community for _S, but I haven’t found one. If you would like to know more about I found this really good video. You will need good speakers or headphones to hear it.


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