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Making Bootstrap 3 Main Menu Hover Dropdown and Clickable DDRMenu DNN7

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Make a Bootstrap Main Menu Click
When it is Only a Parent Link/Page in DNN

This article covers how-to make some changes to the DDRMenu template XSLT & Bootstrap 3 on a DNN7 install. The original article examining the menu template can be found at: http://www.dnnhero.com/Premium/Tutorial/tabid/259/ArticleID/4/Beginning-XSLT-with-DDRMenu-Part-1.aspx

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The DDRmenu can be obtained at codeplex.

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Bootstrap 3 was designed as a mobile first platform to build websites on. One issue that comes up often is when using the built-in bootstrap navigation menu, the way it is designed is if there are any child pages, the parent link is not clickable. Furthermore, when you hover over the menu item with a child, bootstrap requires you to click to see the drop down portion of the menu.

This way of doing things with the menu, though it makes sense from a mobile first point of view isn’t always optimal for individual websites.

To make a bootstrap 3 nav menu open up on hover is pretty easy and straight forward. With just a little CSS trickery, we can make that happen. All you need to add to your CSS is this code and you will get the hover effect you desire.

ul.nav li.dropdown:hover ul.dropdown-menu{ display: block; margin: 0 }

There are times when you may want the parent link in a menu to actually display a page when clicked. By default with Bootstrap 3, when there are children pages to the main anchor link in a bootstrap navbar menu, you cannot get to a page by clicking the main anchor link. All that will appear is the drop down menu. In order to get the main anchor link to go to a page, you will need to edit the Bootstrap Menu ULXSLT.xslt file. So find the .xslt file and make their edits.

Where you find:






Replace it with:


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Your parent link will now be clickable with a slight delay, so people on their phones don’t start clicking around to soon. We want the drop down menu to occur!

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