How to Convert a HTML site to WordPress

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Do you want to turn your website in to a WordPress site?

Here is a common question, “I have my HTML BASED WEBSITE but now i want to convert that whole website in to WordPress please help me out”.

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With WordPress powering 25% of all websites according to a report on, it is no wonder that so many people would want to convert their website to a WordPress theme.

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There are many advantages to converting a static html site to WordPress, not least if which is the ease of creating pages and posts in WordPress. WordPress is a pretty good content management system after all.

If you have searched for answers on how to turn your website into a WordPress site, you probably have come across several tutorials that make the whole idea of learning how to convert a website to a WordPress theme very unappealing. Most seem very complicated, with an endless list of things you will have to remember.

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If that sound like your experience, then you have stumbled on the one HTML to WordPress video tutorial that will revolutionize your understanding of how to convert a static site to WordPress. We will take a responsive HTML 5 website and turn it in to a responsive HTML 5 WordPress theme in about 40 minutes!

To follow along using the same static website used in the video, simply grab the Hallux HTML 5 responsive website template. It’s free.

Code Snippets

You can also download the code snippets used in the video to convert HTML to WordPress.


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