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Fade Edges of a Picture into a Color Background with Photoshop – Great Web Design Technique

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How to Fade Edges of a Photo – Picture – Image into a Color Background

Nifty Web Design Technique to Use Any Picture – Photo – Image – for Making a Slider or Banner of Varying Widths

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Have you ever needed to create a banner or a slider and the required width of the slider or banner is wider than the photos that your client sent for use to make the slider – banner? We all know stretching a picture causes distortion and therefore is a bad idea. So, what do you do in a situation like this?

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In this video I will show you one technique to make a nice fit with the images using Photoshop and fading the edges of the photo into a color background layer and using a gradient on a layer mask. We will create the canvas size to be what is required for the banner or slider, and will use a significantly narrower picture, and yet still create a really nice banner – slider image, by simply using a gradient to create a fade on the edges of the picture, to fade right into the background color layer.

We will look at the following tools:

  • Photoshop layer mask
  • Photoshop gradient tool


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