How to Create Rounded Corners On Photos With Photoshop CS6

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Let’s Round Some Corners On Pictures
Using Adobe Photoshop CS6

I really struggled with this one. I literally spent about 4 or 5 hours searching the Internet for a how-to create rounded corners on my picture that I use as a header for this website. All the Photoshop tutorials and videos I looked at online were for Photoshop CS4 and 5. I come to find out there is a huge difference between those versions and Photoshop CS6. This tutorial and video shows how to create rounded corners on a photo or image using Photoshop CS6 and will not work on earlier versions of Photoshop the same way.

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The Old Way & Original Video I made to Round Corners in Photoshop CS6.

The above video is a better way.

Seven Steps to Round Corners on Pictures Using Adobe Photoshop CS6

Written instructions with pictures below this video I made.

These are the 7 steps for rounding corners for photos in Adobe Photoshop CS6. I don’t know anything about Adobe Photoshop CS5 or earlier. The steps for those may be different. I know the shape tools have been changed in Photoshop CS6 because I saw the Video at Adobe TV. The menu for the shape tools has been completely changed. I’m guessing the stuff I saw online when trying to find a how-to create rounded corners using Adobe Photoshop CS6 where actually Adobe Photoshop CS5 users. But anyhow, I am going to show you the right way to create rounded corners for your pictures in Adobe Photoshop CS6 so you can add some pizazz to your photos. The steps are simple once you know about them. You may want to view the video at Adobe TV to see the changes between Adobe Photoshop CS6 and earlier versions

Step One:

Open your picture into Photoshop CS6. Set the background as needed. I set mine to transparent because I needed a PNG 24 image, so if I decide to change the header area of this site’s color, no white corners will show.

Photoshop Rounded Corners

Step Two:

Double click your new background layer and rename the layer to whatever you want.

Step Three:

This and the next step were the issue. I couldn’t find anywhere on the web to explain this part, either correctly, or at all. Make sure your shape tool menu is set to path. Its default is shape. It won’t work if it is set to shape. Your shape menu will appear when you select a shape like rounded rectangle or plain rectangle etc.
Photoshop Rounded Corners

Step Four:

In your menu, go to Layer > Vector Mask > Reveal All.
All but one website I visited missed this step all together. This is important step.

Notice two things:

1-The new layer created next to the image layer is in the same pane, not underneath like you may be used to seeing when creating a new layer. This is done automatically when you go to layer > vector mask > reveal all

2- Notice also the vector mask IS NOT selected automatically. At least not in my version of Adobe Photoshop CS6. There is no trim line around the box like there is on the image layer, and that means the vector layer is not selected. This one issue gave me a 3 hour fit. Again, this wasn’t pointed out on any website where I tried to find help.

Photoshop Rounded Corners

Step Five:

Click the vector mask layer so that it is selected. You can see in the properties box that the vector mask is selected. The vector mask layer will also have a trim around it.

Photoshop Rounded Corners

Step Six:

Select your rounded rectangle tool, (located where your rectangle tool is), and put your cursor in one corner of your image and drag until you have the shape you want, and release, and you will see the transparent background in the corners, (unless you have a background color then you will see that color). Set the radius first before click and drag. You will see the Radius adjustment under your menu bar up top when you select the rounded rectangle. I set my radius to 35 px.

Photoshop Rounded Corners

Step Seven:

Then save. I saved it both as a PSD and for the web as a PNG 24. PNG 24 so I could have a transparent background.

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